A warranty is our way of assuring you that we endorse the quality and longevity of our products. The information you will find here shows the information on the warranty card which is on any newly purchased product from Henwood Bedding®. By following the instructions supplied your new sleep set will provide you many years of comfort and support.

This sleep set is protected against manufacturing, workmanship and material defects. In the unlikely event of a defect, please contact the retailer you purchased from to log your query.

If the retailer cannot be reached please feel free to contact us directly, details supplied on the contact us page. In order for the guarantee and warranty to be valid, you must be the original purchaser of the sleep set. No inspection nor warranty will be honored if an original purchase invoice is not provided to validate the retail store, purchase date and purchaser. If within the free warranty period, Henwood Bedding® will repair or replace the product, at their discretion, at no extra cost to you. A service fee is payable for service inspections and transport costs. (Henwood Bedding® reserves the right to waive this cost).

Service warranty begins on the date of purchase and operates on a pro rata basis.

If materials are unavailable at the time of repair, Henwood Bedding® reserves the right to substitute those of a similar quality. In the event of repair or replacement, this warranty will not be extended.

Henwood Bedding® reserves the right to refuse service and invalidate this warranty when, upon inspection, the sleep set is found to be in an unsanitary condition (burned, stained, soiled or bug invested) or when failure is due to causes other than workmanship or materials.

Henwood Bedding® will not be held liable for any damages or losses incurred whilst undergoing an after sales service inspection.


Proper turning and rotation not only extends the lifespan of your product but is also mandatory to ensure that you are covered by your warranty. The guide is for a double sided sleep set.

Warranty - Rotation
1. Rotate your mattress counter clockwise.
Warranty - Rotation
2. Allow mattress to overhang base.
Warranty - Rotation
3. Lift mattress onto it’s edge.
Warranty - Rotation
4. Lower the mattress exposing side 2.
Warranty - Rotation
5. Rotate mattress counter clock-wise once more, to put end B at the head
Warranty - Rotation
6. Turning your mattress over regularly adds comfort, support and longevity.
This guide below is for a Never Over® sleep set.
Warranty - Rotation
1. Rotate your mattress counter clockwise.
Warranty - Rotation
5. Rotate mattress counter clockwise once more, to put end A at the head.
Warranty - Rotation
6. Turning your mattress over regularly adds comfort, support and longevity.


1. Structural damage caused by the use of a weak foundation or improper foundation.

2. If on slats, gaps should be less than 6cm with rigid center support.

3. Unsanitary condition (burned, stained, soiled or bug infested).

4. Matt or foundation damage due to abuse.

5. No proof of purchase.

6. Claim lodged for comfort preference.

7. Removal of mattress label.

8. Body impressions less than 40mm on both sides.

9. Insufficient turning and rotation.

10. Incorrect storage or moving.

11. Continued excessive perimeter weight or force.

12. Use of liquids and chemicals to clean the mattress.

13. Floor models sold “as is”

14. Products subjected to weight in excess of its design limits.

15. Products used for purposes other than that for which it is constructed.

16. General wear and tear EG. loose threads or stitches.

17. Transportation or inspection costs after free warranty period has expired.


1. Air sleep set once plastic wrap is removed.

2. Rotate mattress as instructed every month.

3. Keep plastic packaging away from children.

4. Use the correct foundation for your mattress.

5. Carry mattress upright for easy handling and to avoid damage.

6. Keep bedding clean and dry, use a mattress protector and vacuum occasionally.

7. Do replace the foundation when purchasing a new mattress to ensure sufficient support for your mattress.

1. Expose to high temperatures. Mattress covering could ignite if in contact with smoldering cigarettes, irons or electric blankets. Exposure to direct sunlight will also cause damage.

2. Stand or jump on mattress.

3. Bend mattress.

4. Remove mattress label as it establishes warranty period and rights.

5. Wet mattress. This may compress or damage upholstery layers.



Body Impressions
Body impressions are a sign of natural wear and tear over the lifespan of your product. This can be largely reduced with proper turning and rotation.
Sagging in the center of the mattress could be a sign of a manufacturing fault. This could be attributed to either a broken base or a faulty spring set.